Volunteer & Explore Nepal (VEX Nepal)

VEX Nepal is a non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) working in the fields of Education, Health, Women Empowerment and Gender Issues, Children’s Rights, Environment, Ecology, Sustainable Agriculture, Community Development, Sustainable Development and Livelihoods in Nepal. It aims to provide interested volunteers with immense opportunities to explore multiple aspects of Nepal, e.g. it's culture, geography, history, environmentand sustainable agriculture through volunteering at various locations in Nepal. We believe that the best way to learn and understand any society is through the deep exploration and immersion into these communities themselves.

Volunteering is a joint contribution. While the volunteers are assisting local residents in their daily activities, the volunteers are also gaining a better understanding of Nepalese culture and traditions. Many volunteers also surprise themselves with the vast well of knowledge and skills gained from their experiences, learning from the lives of the local families themselves! VEX Nepal is committed to providing sound platforms to the people who will utilize the volunteers’ expertise in various fields and to make significant contributions to the Nepalese communities. Furthermore, volunteers will gain a broader perspective on their own lives through their first-hand involvements and contributions; benefiting them far beyond their life resumes.

Thus far, we have served the interests of hundreds of volunteers from various countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Japan, and Sweden to name a few.

VEX Nepal plans to collaborate efforts with university students, social groups, school groups, professional organizations and individuals from all over the world, to create and maintain custom-made programs for cultural visits, service projects, voluntary work and internship work in Nepal. We aim develop individualized itineraries in collaboration with interested groups and individuals to meet their specific needs, goals and interests.