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Loading....." Going to Nepal with VEX Nepal was the most rewarding experience of my life so far. VEX Nepal is very supportive and offered up a great “Volunteering and Exploring Nepal Package”, which is quite comprehensive, at a very affordable price. The best parts of my travels was not only watching one-horned rhinos just 10 feet away, trekking amazing Annapurna Conservation Area, rafting on Trishuli River but also volunteering at the Orphanage Centre in Pokhara. The children are beautiful gems, both inside and out. Their smiles and laughs can light up any room and leave a stamp on your heart that will never go away. I think this is a perfect opportunity to get out and help a group of people who have been through so much, and to live in a very different environment. I have a much greater understanding of orphan children, and an appreciation of how life lived simply can be just as exciting. I thank VEX Nepal for making it possible for me to go in such a safe and inexpensive manner. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but next time with my whole family.
Roseline  CharvinPhoenixUnited States.

Loading....." I can't begin to explain what a tremendous experience it was. I would definitely use VEX Nepal again. I did a lot of research before I chose the program and VEX Nepal seemed to be the best fit. I always felt like the personnel were being straightforward and honest with me. Teaching English in Nepal was such a worthwhile experience, not only for me but for the kids I taught as well. The impact you make on the school is something that benefits the children massively, allowing them to experience fun and a different method of teaching. Volunteering is a great way to see and explore the world, whilst benefiting others.
Jessica  SmithVancouverCanada.

Loading....." I gained an incredible amount of professional experience through my volunteer work with VEX Nepal; for example, I learned how to effectively network and lobbying for a social cause, how to set up and conduct a successful interview, and how to assess a campaign which has been simultaneously launched in numerous locations for an extended period of time. The environment that I worked in was dedicated and encouraging; I was treated as a professional, a friend, and a colleague working toward improving social equity and advocating for women rights and was wholeheartedly welcomed to the VEX Nepal team. I also underwent extreme personal growth throughout the enculturation process of living in another country, overcoming language barriers and traveling alone to and from Nepal. It was an experience that has been unparalleled in my life and has significantly inspired me continue traveling, learning and volunteering my time toward a greater social justice.
Elva  MattsonMalmoSweden.