Am I going to qualify as a volunteer to work with VEX Nepal?
Without any security threat to Nepal, you will be qualified to work with us. VEX Nepal welcomes foreigners who are enthusiastic in learning new culture and passionate in helping poor locals. This is a life time experience for the visitors to understand Nepalese culture and observe the beauty of Himalayas. It is up to you to decide whether or not you qualify for the mission. VEX Nepal works with Universities, Colleges, Organizations, Clubs, Church Groups, Youth Groups and Individuals. No specialized training or qualification is required to work with VEX Nepal. We will provide with necessary training as required for your program. However, the prior involvement in teaching, health works or environmental programs would be beneficial.
When should I plan to arrive in Nepal?
Who will greet me at the airport?
Where will I be staying during my training period and other times?
Where will I be placed?
What kinds of thing do I need to bring with me?
Is there age limit in program?
Do I need any travel medical insurance?
Is Nepal safe?
What's the weather like in the placement areas?
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